Penta Staggered - 0.08 Ω (handmade)

Manufacturer: Russia
Availability: In Stock

Material: Ni80

Structure: 5x0.3 n80 + 0.1 n80

Resistance: ~ 0.08 Ω (on 2 coils)

Turns: 3.5

Diameter: 3 mm

Width: 9 mm

Kit: 2 coils per pack for mechmods or boxmods supporting resistance from 0.05 Ω

BONUS: In each pair of coils we put a piece of Cotton Bacon Prime for the first run :)

Handmade Penta Staggered

Жирно и очень вкусно. Penta Staggered Fused Clapton 0.08 Ом подойдет для мехмода и платы от 0.05 Ω.

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